You see, when you go out, your hat is a little piece of home that keeps your brain in. POOR IAGO Usurper coming through! FORGET-ME-LOTS He's a magnificent figure. Fry 'im Fashoum! CAUGHT BY THE TALE This is my bonus for being your beloved leader! This , and that , and that are my beloved-leader-bonus. THE RETURN OF JAFAR My feet! If any trembling happens, right here! AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Say! Nice entrace! Wasn't that nice, Haroud? Ya know, I was just thinking it's rare to see a really original entrace these days. I remember, in the old days... SMOLDER AND WISER Oh, a ruse ! I thought you said "schlooze". SMOLDER AND WISER What kind of seal is this? SOME ENCHANTED GENIE Villainy is a lot more rewarding with someone to gloat over. THE PROPHET MOTIVE We're a lot alike you and I. A lot a lot alike. LOST AND FOUNDED I'll thwart you! THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE Oo, boy, oo the little wishie... THE RETURN OF JAFAR Our mercies. I just want to make sure that both of our mercies are involved here. This is a multi-mercy operation. THE FLAWED COUPLE Oh, yes. The nightmares... AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Glean away. CAUGHT BY THE TALE But he's a bird ! He has no hat! THE DAY THE BIRD STOOD STILL So where'd you get the money to buy that Curse of Clumsiness? Have you been dipping in the petty cash? SMOLDER AND WISER Okay, so I can't think of an if! THE FLAWED COUPLE Whatever. Fine. No torture today. But tomorrow I lop off your heads. Air Feather Friends I have conquered gravity, Haroud! EGG-STRA PROTECTION You and what horde? THE FLAWED COUPLE Do you like tight spaces, kids? CAUGHT BY THE TALE Oh, please, spare me! Do whatever you like to him, but leave me alone! Please! THE PROPHET MOTIVE My name? My name is Amad, no, Razim, no Eric! I always wanted to be named Eric. That's my name! Amad Razim... Eric. THE FLAWED COUPLE Are you a quitter , Haroud? You know what I say about quitters! Okay... what do I say about quitters? SMOLDER AND WISER Oo, shiny ! THE RETURN OF JAFAR Just call the... Guards! AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Evil cackling is the best part of being a villain. THE FLAWED COUPLE Approve this! THE FLAWED COUPLE Do what I say or you'll have more holes than... something with a great many holes. THE PROPHET MOTIVE Start grovelling whenever you want. SMOLDER AND WISER Don't hurt me! I'm afraid of being hurt! I'm afraid of being afraid ! I'm afraid of being ! THE FLAWED COUPLE Hey! get over here and wash up! It's bad enough having to look at you without having to smell you. THE RETURN OF JAFAR How big a hat are we talking? THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE No one gives Mama Mal's little boy the sniffles and gets away with it! SMOLDER AND WISER So help me I'll sue whoever runs this well! THE RETURN OF JAFAR But I've got the big hat! FORGET-ME-LOTS Ruin my plans, eh? I'll do something... unpleasant to you!AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Rot. I like rot. Let's stick with rot. THE PROPHET MOTIVE Just wait 'till Agrabah trembles at my feet! I'll rule it like... some big ruler guy ! With a hat! AIR FEATHER FRIENDS I'm okay. My fall was broken by my spine. THE PROPHET MOTIVE The genie has been split into several parts. Wisdom, fear, and Genie's... breakfast ? THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE Still he pursues me. What is it with this kid? THE PROPHET MOTIVE You will imprison him at the bottom of the farthest deepest. SOME ENCHANTED GENIE Well, I shall bite you! THE FLAWED COUPLE Me? Tempt? I would never... tempt. There will be no tempting. I'm a tempt-free zone over here. SMOLDER AND WISER Anyone could have gleaned that . CAUGHT BY THE TALE Throwing heavy objects at people! I like it! Haroud, remind me to steal more heavy objects. THE PROPHET MOTIVE Those teeth, they're pretty much for show , right? LOST AND FOUNDED Haroud! Come here! And bring the spackel! THE DAY THE BIRD STOOD STILL On to Agrabah! May its walls fall like... like...... On to Agrabah! AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Quit taking my thrills! I don't get many thrills! THE PROPHET MOTIVE This isn't a secret stronghold! It's just a big empty place! Accessible to the general public ! CAUGHT BY THE TALE I want to blow up things, and possess... mega brain energy ! SOME ENCHANTED GENIE Too bad about your girlfriend being erased from the fabric of time there! LOST AND FOUNDED Agrabah will be built in one day. Show the Romans how it's done! LOST AND FOUNDED Hurt him! Hurt him, and his monkey, and his bird, too! THE RETURN OF JAFAR Oo, filthy jackal! Haroud, write that one down! THE PROPHET MOTIVE They're escaping! I leave you in charge for one minute... SMOLDER AND WISER I hear all ! In fact, I hear the conversations of distant grazing antelope... boy, are they boring! SOME ENCHANTED GENIE Taking Agrabah will be easy as... round with slices... very easy ! THE DAY THE BIRD STOOD STILL Oh, that's gonna leave a mark for sure... SMOLDER AND WISER This is as bad as the time I traded the cow for those magic beans! That was embarrassing. Oh, when you're a kid you think you're so smart. THE VAPOR CHASE The blue rose of forgetfulness may have been foiled by love or aphids or something... FORGET-ME-LOTS Well, it only looked expensive. THE RETURN OF JAFAR Wow, that's two really nice entrances in one day! SMOLDER AND WISER You mean this isn't the genie's grandpa? THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE Help! I'm a man trapped in a monkey's body! EGG-STRA PROTECTION Hey! That was a nice hat! I could have worn that hat! THE RETURN OF JAFAR Starting tomorrow I learn a new curse every day. THE PROPHET MOTIVE Haroud! Get it out of me! Ugh, it's too weird! THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE Ocean. SOME ENCHANTED GENIE I hate being thwarted! THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE What's with this Aladdin, anyway? Do I foil his plans? THE FLAWED COUPLE My schemes are not ill-concieved! FORGET-ME-LOTS I wish I was green! But no , I have to be this stupid flesh-tone ! THE FLAWED COUPLE I told you I needed a bigger hat. This one doesn't cover enough of my forehead. SMOLDER AND WISER Haroud, tell me my great idea. THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE They took my bird! I'm birdless! AIR FEATHER FRIENDS My idea! My taste! My triumph! FORGET-ME-LOTS Mm, gumdrops! SOME ENCHANTED GENIE Fourty six, fourty seven, fourty eight, fourty nine, fourty ten.. eh... where was I? CAUGHT BY THE TALE No, the throne is mine, mine, mine! I called it! I called it! Dibs! FORGET-ME-LOTS Haroud, orb me. THE SEVEN FACES OF GENIE Ha ha! There is evil in the air and hot cocoa in my mug. FORGET-ME-LOTS Off to the dungeon! Can't keep the rats waiting. FORGET-ME-LOTS I can't bring myself to destroy such beauty... okay, I'm over it. Fry 'em Magma! SMOLDER AND WISER Well you'd make a really good... some kind of bug! That smells really...THE FLAWED COUPLE Seize those guys!AIR FEATHER FRIENDS Hurt him! THE RETURN OF JAFAR Does this mean I don't get my third wish? THE RETURN OF JAFAR