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Stuck in the past T_T

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Edward Falcon
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:09 pm    Post subject: Stuck in the past T_T Reply with quote

Being that I used to be a big fan of Capcom before they went down the pooper since making jerk-ish decisions by cancelling Megaman Legends 3 and other things, and that I am still a fan of most of their older, classic releases from before 2011, especially their Disney-based games like DuckTales, The Little Mermaid, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck and Aladdin, AND the fact that I was very bored when I filmed this, I decided to pay homage to Capcom, their Disney-based games, and their old arcade beat em ups like Final Fight, Captain Commando, Knights of the Round, etc by playing a quick round of this arena toy box for Disney Infinity 3.0 I downloaded before the server shut down with Jasmine and playing a medley of tunes from Final Fight on the CD player from disc 1 of the "Final Fight - Original Sound Collection" music set.

Click to watch

Another thing that inspired me to make this is the fact that Disney as you may know now owns Marvel and Star Wars, and in addition to Disney, Capcom also made games based on Marvel back in the 90's, and there were two Star Wars games for the original Game Boy that they distributed (but didn't develop) back when they were originally released. And back when DI was still going strong, I thought about this from time to time and wondered what it would have been like if Disney had owned Capcom too since they released the games I mentioned back in the 90's when they had the licenses for them.

Also, I apologize what goes on for about a minute starting at the 04:40 mark with having to cycle through skylines and have the music for them interfere with the customized soundtrack. I had to put the skyline back to the way it was when the video began as I purposely chose that one, because it didn't have already existing music like the other ones you see me cycling through when the accident occurs in the video, so I could play the Final Fight tunes over it. A blast from a stormtrooper or imperial officer's laser gun must have hit the skyline generator at that timepoint I mentioned which I wasn't expecting, and am rather embarrassed by this. And I was going to put annotations just to try and shrug it off and make it seem not so serious and what not that say "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" and "PLEASE STAND BY" to try and put a patch over the problem too, but turns out you can't use annotations anymore.[/url]
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