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Summary: Someone come up with a strong, complex, & extremely well-written backstory for the mysterious Fashir. How did Fashir become a figure that's somewhat similar to the Christian God? What's his past with Mirage? What was their relationship like (was their love originally on the same level as Aladdin & Jasmine's?)? Why did Fashir & Mirage fall down different paths in life (Fashir became a "Holy God"? and Mirage became an evil Cat Goddess)? Is Fashir immortal and if so how long has he been alive? Etc., etc.
Categories: Aladdin Characters: Mirage, Original Characters, Other
Summary: Ever wandered what Genie's life was like before he was cursed into a Genie? I want a good story explaining his life before and what happened to turn him into a genie.
Categories: Aladdin Characters: Genie
Summary: Aladdin and Jasmine never really met, it was a dream for both of them! All their adventures were just a dream! Will they meet again?????
Categories: Aladdin Characters: Abu, Aladdin, Carpet, Genie, Iago, Jafar, Jasmine, Rajah, Rasoul, Sultan
Summary: Because of an illness or injury, Aladdin becomes delerious from fever. While he calls out derleriously, he speaks of his worse fear. What will it be? How will the gang handle it? Will Aladdin get over it as well?
Categories: Aladdin Characters: Abu, Aladdin, Carpet, Genie, Jasmine, Other, Sultan