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Penname: XxRebelWriter [Contact] Real name: Jessica
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Hi!I\'m XxRebelWriterxX! Yes, THE XxRebelWriterxX. Unfortuantly, something happened to my pen, so im missing the last two xX\'s! Lol. Well, you can find me on fanfiction if you want read ahead! I\'m just copying my story on from there!
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Summary: I couldn't believe this was happening.My biggest wish was coming true.I was here,in Agrabah,with Aladdin and everything was just perfect. Follows all three movies.
Categories: Aladdin Characters: Abu, Aladdin, Carpet, Cassim, Genie, Iago, Jafar, Jasmine, Original Characters, Other, Rajah, Rasoul, Sultan
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Published: 06/20/14 Updated: 09/02/14