v 2.1 (1-30-02)

I. “What’s your name?”

1. Is the character named after you, or have you named yourself after the character? (Includes nicknames, internet names, etc.) [5]

2. Is the character's name an unusual spelling of a more common name or word? [1]

3. A name you made up because it sounded cool? [1]

4. A name from a culture other than Arabia or Persia, if your character is Arabian or Persian? (Egyptian counts as non-Arabic.) [1]

5. A noun or adjective not normally used for a name? [1]

6. Does the character have a really cool name that you wish you had? [1]

7. Is the character's name in the title of the story? (or does the title refer to the character?) [5]

8. Does the character have more than one name? (i.e. a nickname or a pseudonym that other you use to refer to the character) [1]

II. “That physique, how can I speak...”
1. Is the character the same gender as you? [1]

2. Is the character from the same racial group as you? (unless of course, you’re an Arab :) ) [2]

3. Is the character a magical or mythical creature? (genie, demon, fairy, elf, elemental, incarnate, etc.) [2]

4. Is the character a hybrid of two or more species? [3]

5. Is the character a crossbreed of any other type? (mixed race, ethnicity, social class, etc.) [1]

6. Is the character a teenager or in her early twenties? [1]

7. Does the character look like she is a teenager or in her early twenties although she is not? [2]

8. Is the character your age? (if you've already checked the box for the character being in her teens or twenties, skip this one) [1]

9. Is the character the age you would like to be? [1]

10. Is the character beautiful or roguishly handsome? [1]

A. Just as or more beautiful than Jasmine? [2]
11. Does the character have an eye color not found naturally in humans? [3]
A. Or blue or green eyes, if they are Middle Eastern? [1]

12. Is the character’s hair described in detail? (About a paragraph. Use your judgement.) [1]

A. Is the hair of an unusual color (unless this is normal for their race/species)? (in Medieval Arabia, blond or red hair is unusual) [1]
13. Is the character’s clothing described in detail? (clothing changes count) [1]
III. “My past isn’t just one question, it’s a million questions.”
1. Is the character the sibling / parent / child of an established character? [1]
A. Of Aladdin, Jasmine, or Mozenrath? [2]

B. That the established character didn’t know about, had forgotten, or thought was dead? [1]

2. Was the character adopted or did she otherwise live with people who were not her parents as a child? [1]

3. Did the character have a tragic youth? (For this, read abuse, neglect, abandonment, sexual trauma, second or third-class cultural status, slavery, extreme poverty, forced criminality, or being the sole survivor of any calamity.) [3]

A. (Add an extra point for rape or other sexual abuse.) [1]

B. And spends much of the time sulking or being depressed about this? [1]

4. Does the character suffer from guilt about something terrible that she did in the past? [1]
A. Do the other characters eventually convince her that it was not her fault? [1]
5. Does the character share your religious beliefs? (Conversion counts.) [1]
A. Or other philosophical/political beliefs (including beliefs about love)? [1]
6. Did the character have an unusual birth or conception? (for instance, involving magic) [1]

7. Does the character have a sibling of the same gender? (unless that sibling is an established character and you have already checked that option) [2]

A. About whom you plan on writing/have written another story? [2]
8. Is the character unusually good at any of the following?
A. Singing [1]

B. Dancing [1]

C. Playing a musical instrument [1]

D. Cooking [1]

E. Combat [1]

F. Or is she extremely smart or well educated? [1]

9. Is the character royalty of any type or become royalty during the story? [3]

10. A streetrat? [1]

11. A (non-streetrat) thief or other criminal? [1]

12. Nomadic in any way? [1]

13. Does she have a job that you think would be fun, or would like to have? [1]

14. Is she allowed to break rules / laws that others can’t get away with? [1]

15. Does the character make more wisecracks than Genie? [1]

A. Is just as/more sarcastic than Iago? [1]

B. Because Genie/Iago is your favorite character? [1]

16. Does the character come from another world / another dimension / the future / a magical kingdom? [2]

17. Does everyone end up liking the character (among the regulars you like)? [1]

A. Conversely, do characters you don’t like hate the character for no reason (or vice versa)? [1]
IV. “Phenomenal cosmic powers!”
1. Can the character use magic? [1]
A. Is the color of the character’s magic specified? [1]
2. Was she taught magic by an established character? [1]
A. Self taught? [1]
3. Is she equally or more powerful than Genie, Mozenrath, or Mirage? [2]

4. Can she see the future? [1]

5. Does the character have telekinesis (includes teleportation) or telepathy? [1]

6. Does the character just "know things" for no apparent reason? (dreams count) [1]

7. Can the character fly? [1]

8. Does the character have healing powers? [1]

A. Does she heal Mozenrath’s hand? [1]
9. Does the character have an animal pet / sidekick / familiar? (horses count) [2]
A. That can talk? [1]

B. That is magical in some other way? [1]

10. Do any of the established animal characters (Abu, Iago, Rajah, Xerxes, etc.) instinctively like your character? [1]

11. Do children instinctively like your character? [1]

V. “Ami, c’est l’amour.”
1. Does the character fall in love with and/or have sex with an established character? (Or, does the established character fall in love with your character?) [1]
A. Is it Mozenrath? [2]

B. Is it love at first sight? [2]

C. Because you are attracted to this established character? [1]

2. Does the character have a relationship/marriage that is not approved of for any reason? [1]

3. Is there an attempt to make the character marry/have sex with someone that they don't love? [1]

4. Does the story include the character’s wedding? [2]

VI. “Reality check...”
1. Would you like to be friends with the character if you met in real life? [1]

2. Do you think everyone who reads the story should automatically like the character and want to be friends with the character? [1]

3. If someone tells you he/she doesn't like your character, do you take it as a personal attack on you? [1]

4. Do you ever pretend, just to yourself, that you are the character, with the same strengths and abilities? (other than for the purpose of writing the story) [1]

5. Do you prefer your character to the Aladdin regulars? [1]

VII. “I know. It’s part of my fiendish plot.”
1. Do you introduce the character on the first page of the story (before scrolling)? [2]

2. Do you tell the story from the character's point of view, all or mostly? (not necessarily in first person) [1]

3. Does the character become friends with Aladdin and the gang and/or Mozenrath almost immediately after meeting them? [2]

4. Does the character have a talk with / lectures to an established character and shows remarkable insight into that character’s personality? [1]

A. Which causes the character to change his/her ways permanently? [2]

B. Temporarily? [1]

5. Can the character tell things about established characters’ personalities for no apparent reason? (for instance, know that Jafar is evil if the story takes place before “Aladdin”) [1]

6. Does the character manage to develop a friendship with an otherwise villainous character? (don't check if they fall in love) [1]

A. Is the villain Mozenrath? [1]

B. Even though your character is not evil herself? [1]

C. And is she also friends with Aladdin and the gang? [1]

D. Does she manage to reform the villain? [2]

E. Not completely reform the villain, but brings out his/her nicer side? [1]

F. And the villain does something selfless / self-sacrificing due to your character’s influence? [2]

7. Does the character save the day and/or another character's life? [3]
A. Through magical/mystical intervention? [1]

B. Through almost dying? [2]

C. Through dying? [3]

D. Through some other form of sacrifice? [1]

8. Does the character end up living in the palace or the citadel? [2]

9. Do you plan to write more stories about this character? [1]


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