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We are the home of 168 authors from among our 746 members. There have been 1223 reviews written about our 532 stories. A special welcome to our newest member, Disneygirl19.
I just realized today that the Submission Guidelines were overwritten with the default that came with this code the last time I updated it. If you have only joined recently please go take a look at the correct guidelines before you upload anything. Sorry for the mistake!

Also, a reminder: Please, please, please, make sure the email you signed up with works! If you don't have a working email then I can't contact you when something you uploaded wasn't accepted to explain why or get notification when your stuff gets approved.

--Calluna on 09/28/07 - 02:33PM
Anonymous Reviews
I've finally had to turn off anonymous reviewing because it's the only way to stop the spam problem we've been having lately. If you want to make an account just to review, please do so!

--Calluna on 03/23/07 - 05:24AM
Updating plagiarism rule...
Apparantly the rule about plagiarism wasn't clear enough, so it's now been updated:

9. Works must be 100% your own. This means no uploading someone else's fics, no copying lines from other people's work into your own, no copying someone else's plot entirely, and, if you want to use someone else's fan character, you must ask them for permission first.

I've been modding it this way all along, so it's not a change so much as being more clear in the rules about what is and is not allowed.

I do not tolerate plagiarism under any circumstances. If you find a plagiarised story that has been uploaded here, please don't just yell at the author. Tell me right away so I can take it down and if necessary ban the plagiarist. Thank you!

--Calluna on 11/10/06 - 11:49AM
New rule about chapter length
Lately there've been a lot of problems with people submitting chapters that are only a couple of sentences long. I've updated the submission rules to clarify that these are not allowed.

--Calluna on 04/27/06 - 03:34PM
Reminder about email...
If you have AOL email or a similar service that gives you the option of only allowing emails from certain people, you will not be able to recieve your activation email. If you don't want to disable this feature and still want to use the Library, you will need to add calluna AT to your list of allowed senders. Thanks!

PS - If you have already signed up and have not gotten your email for this reason, please allow my address, then email me with your account name.

--Calluna on 01/09/05 - 10:11AM

You might notice that several stories have formatting issues and that in some cases I have multi-chapter stories uploaded in a single chapter. This is because right now I'm focusing on getting everything online, and after that's done I'll go through and edit the formatting.

Also, if you have fanfics here and haven't recieved an email with your password yet, please contact me and tell me what email you want me to send it to. Once you have your password, you can always change the email address for your account. Thanks!

--Calluna on 12/06/04 - 04:04PM

Welcome to the new Library! I'm not completely finished, but we're close enough to go live, IMO. Not all of the fics have been moved to the new library yet; you can still find the ones that haven't been moved yet here. The layout is also still under construction, but you can see the direction I'm going. ;)

--Calluna on 11/29/04 - 07:04PM
Just a reminder: pretty much everything on this new site is from the template, including the text. So the rules that until recently said there were no crossovers allowed? Not real, they came with the template. ^_^;;

--Calluna on 08/29/04 - 08:09PM
The new Library of Agrabah - Under Construction!
Welcome to the new Library of Agrabah! Some things you should know about the new system:

- This is the layout that came with the script; I'm not going to keep it. I'll make a new one before it goes live.

- If you have a new fic you want to add, feel free to sign up and post it.

- If you already have fanfics here, and I've added them, let me know and I'll give you your password. If I haven't added them yet, you can either do so yourself or wait for me to do it.

- If you have fics in the old library and want to change your penname, PLEASE TELL ME NOW. Pennames cannot be edited under the new system.

More to be added as I think of it...

--Calluna on 07/29/04 - 01:32PM