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Biggest Wish by XxRebelWriter
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Chapter One:

I growled as I slammed my Advanced Calculus book shut and threw over my shoulder and onto my bed. I hated Calculus with a burning fashion and tonight's homework was especially hard.

I shook my head, my long jet black hair flapping in my face. My hair was probably my most noticeable feature. I wasn't really that pretty. I had extremely pale skin, which was weird because I lived in Texas, the desert with nothing but sun and sand.

My eyes were crystal blue and I've been told it changes hues with my mood. I've never noticed the change before though. I had a heart shaped face, full pink lips, broad shoulders, and an average body type. I was 5'5 with a flat chest and no butt.

So really, I didn't think I was that pretty at all. Just you average college student, no older than twenty years, only a sophomore. My name was Kendra Miller.

Sighing, I tucked my hair behind my ear and stood up. My chair scrapped a crossed the floor as so, then I turned around and faced my room. I was exceptionally clean compared to what it normally looks like.

My red canopy bed was pushed against the far right wall, and a brown maple nightstand laid beside it, the TV remote and lamp resting peacefully on it. I had one dresser on the near left wall and beside it, on my front wall, was my computer desk, which was where I was standing.

The computer was nothing but my moms old junky one. It was slow and full of virus'. I hated the thing but couldn't afford to get a new one.

My walls were a cherry red, matching the bed, and the floors were covered with a creamy colored carpet. My walls were covered with Aladdin posters and all figurines of Aladdin that I could afford rested on my dresser. I even had a couple Aladdin plushies on my bed. I was a huge Aladdin fan and have burned through several DVD's of all three movies.

I sighed once more before walking over to my bed and hugging my favorite plushy of genie.

"Maybe if I watch some Aladdin, I can calm down and actually do my homework."I muttered to myself.

I grabbed the two remotes, the first one to turn the TV on and the second to turn the DVD player on. I always had one of the Aladdin's in, so I never had to worry about changing the player. Once the movie started, I relaxed on my pillows and enjoyed the movie.

Five hours later I turned off my TV, content now that I've watched all the movies. Then I groaned as I remembered I still had to do my homework.

"Great, it'd one in the morning, I still have to do my work, and I have morning classes."I muttered to myself.

Picking up my book, I walked over to the desk and got to work on the stupid assignment. It took me another hour to do so, and even then I wasn't sure if my were correct.

"Ugh, I guess I'll just ask my professor tomorrow."I sighed.

I closed my book up and put it in my bag. Then I walked over to my dresser and got out a pair of black sweat pants and a gray tank top out and laid them on my bed.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes, ready to get some sleep, until I was just in my black bra and thong. Nothing special, no lace or anything, just plain black undergarments. Then I threw my pajamas on and walked over to my bed.

I laid down and once I was comfortable, I switched off the lamp and fell straight to sleep.

(Normal POV)

As the girl fell into a deep sleep everything seemed to be fine. The room was dark and quiet. The only light being from that of the moonlight spilling in from the window.

That is, until the TV switched on. The movie started playing on backwards, as if someone had pushed the reverse button. When it reached the end, the movie fell out of the DVD player and the second Aladdin flew into it's place.

The same thing happened to this one and then to the first. It stopped right at the spot where Aladdin was being chased by the guards because of the bread.

I swirling vortex opened up and the girl was picked up and brought towards it. The girl, unaware of what was happened to her, mumbled something unintelligent and snored once. Once she was completely inside the vortex, it shut and the girl was gone. The room was quiet and dark once more, giving no clue to just what happened.

(Kendra's POV)

"Stop it."I muttered sleepily.

Something- or someone- was shaking me, trying to wake me up. They didn't listen to me and continued to shake me.

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. Everything was a bit blurry at the moment. Which it usually was for me when I first woke up.

"Excuse me, are you ok?"

My vision cleared and I almost screamed when I saw who had woken me. It was Aladdin, like the Aladdin. Abu was with him, looking at me with suspicion. He was looking at me in concern.

"You fell asleep in the middle of an alley. Did you need help or something?"He asked me.

I frowned in confusion. Alley? I thought I fell asleep in my bed. Looking around though, I realized he was speaking the truth. It also became clear that I was no longer in Texas, but in Agrabah.

"Whoa, how'd I get here."I mumbled.

"Did you need some help?"He asked again.

I looked back at him and nodded, still in shock that he was real and standing beside me. I felt like I was in some kind of fan fiction.

"I-I have no clue how I got here."I said, feigning confusion and fear.

If I stayed with him, then maybe I'd get to meet the Genie! My favorite character in the whole movie and series!

"I was with my papa, we were trying to find a place to settle down. My mom died when I was little. Yesterday though, we were attacked by a bunch of thieves. They took everything from us and killed my papa. They tried to kill me too, but I hit them where it hurts the most and fled until I got here last night. Then I guess I just passed out in this alley."I made up easily.

He looked suspicious though.

"You don't look to upset about it."He said.

I sighed.

"I'm in shock, ok. I never thought anyone would be able to kill my papa. He always seemed so invincible."I said, tears welling in my eyes.

It wasn't a complete lie. Both my parents were dead and my dad had been killed by robbers. My mom died in child birth so I never knew her.

Aladdin nodded in understandment.

"I get it. My mom died years ago and I never knew my father. Hey, if you want to, you can come live with Abu and I if you need a place to stay."He suggested.

I smiled.

"I'd like that."

Then I stood up and brushed the dirt off my clothes.

"I've never seen clothes like that before."Aladdin said in surprise.

I looked down at my sweatpants and tank top before shrugging.

"I make my own clothes. This are comfortable and don't give me heat stroke."I explained as if it were no big deal.

Aladdin seemed to accept it though because he nodded in understanding. Then he motioned for me to follow him.

"Come on, I'll show you where I live."He said.

I followed him happily. I couldn't believe this was happening. My biggest wish was coming true. I was here, in Agrabah, with Aladdin and everything was just perfect. Now, when was the movie going to start?