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Lighting Strikes by Princess Jasmine_1o1
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"Here we are," the dashing prince said as he uncovered his new wifes eyes. She gasped and covered her tan hands over her mouth.

"Aladdin! It's beautiful!" The young princess exclaimed. She was right, it was beautiful. It was a bit like the palace of Argabah, but only a tiny bit smaller than the palace. She reached up and kissed him on the lips. "I'm glad you love it, it took genie and I a lot of work" he said, proudly but then he realised what he said, "I mean-" But his wife cut him off "It doesn't matter Aladdin," she whispered. He gently He grabbed her small tan hand and lead her inside.

---------2 Months Later--------

2 months.

It's been 2 months.

2 months since she got her heart broken.

2 months since he left.

2 months since her father died.

It has been two months since the pasting of a great king. And the toughest girl in the kingdom was still laying on her bed, crying her heart out after 2 whole months.

Normally by now, you would be over people's deaths. But this her father. Her only parent. Her role model. Her everything. She never got to know her mother, so she had a deep connection with him.

Every time she thought about him, she would break down into uncontrollable sobs and the worst part is, no one was there to hold her when she did. Aladdin left for an entire month for business and Jasmine was to sick to go, so she had to stay here.

The door then crept open. She looked up to see Iago and Genie fly in. She was relieved to see them because that means that he's home. She got up and went to hug Genie. Genie hugged back just as her arms wrapped around his back.

"Hey Jasmine, how are you feeling?" Genie asked, they pulled apart and she just looked down. She didn't want to cry in front of Genie. Genie lifted her chin up. "You can cry in front of me, Jas. I understand," he said.

Iago, who's been silent the whole time, just stared at her. Jasmine saw this. "What?" She asked, with a lump in her throat.

"Nothing, it's just that we have been gone for a whole month and we come back home and we see the princess fatter" He said to her. "What are you talking about?" She question as she walked over to the mirror.

Apart from her hair all static from laying down and the bags under her eyes from not sleeping, her stomach was slightly swollen. "Genie?" She asked, "Jas, I think your pregnant." He said and with that sentence, Jasmine fainted.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Aladdin was overlooking his kingdom when Genie came rushing in. "Whoa, Genie! Is everything alright? How's Jasmine?" He asked "Uh well, she's good apart from when she fainted in your room," Genie said, quietly. "Say that again?"Aladdin said. He sighed "Jasmine fainted." Aladdin then bolted to his room, screaming "Jasmine" along the way. Genie followed.

When he got there he saw an unconscious Jasmine, laying on the bed with a see through silk blanket over the top of her. He walked over and grabbed her soft hand just as she was regaining conscious. She looked over at Aladdin and weakly smiled. "Hey, your back," she said weakly. "Yeah, I'm back and I'm going to be back for a long time." He whispered to her as he rubbed her hand his cheek. Jasmine tried to sit up, but she was too weak. She fell back down to the mattress with a thud. She became light-headed and everything started to become a blur. 'I have to tell him'.

"Aladdin...." She said weakly, her voice in a whisper. "What is it?" He asked, concerned, fearing the worst. "Your going to become a father," Jasmine whispered as she lost conscious. "Jas? JAS! JASMINE! PLEASE WAKE UP!" Aladdin yelled in a worried tone. "Al, calm down, she's just sleeping," Genie said to him. Aladdin got up from Jasmines side and walked over to the window. "You okay, Al?" Iago asked. "I'm going to be a father," he whispered.

--------7 months later----------

It was extremely difficult, but she got through it. If she didn't, she wouldn't be holding a little sleeping baby, wrapped in a see through blue silk blanket.

Jasmine sighed as she hold the baby, gently in her arms. Aladdin, holding her back up so she doesn't fall down. The nurse wanted her to rest, but she refused to rest until the royal vassizer came.

"Jasmine, he's so precious." Aladdin said. Jasmines head started to fall back, Aladdin caught her head before she strained her neck and laid it down on the pillow. He took the baby out of her arms and held it, while his wife was sleeping. The doors then came open and in came the royal vassizer, Cassim.

"Do I have a granddaughter or a grandson?" He asked as he walked over to Aladdin. "A grandson, Father." Aladdin said as he past the little baby to his father. "Oh, I haven't held a baby since you were born," Cassim admitted, "Your doing a fine," Aladdin assured him. "So do we have a name?" His father asked, "Yes, we named him after to you, Father, we named him Cassim," Aladdin explained.

----------1 Year Later-----------
Aladdin was in his office with his father by his side, when a nurse came in. "Lilia?! What are you doing here?" Cassim asked.

"Sorry to disturb, but my sultan, the sultana has had your second child," Lilia said. "Is she alright?" Aladdin asked, worried. Knowing that this pregnancy hasn't been an easy carpet ride. "Well, while in labor she wanted you, even though she knew that you couldn't be there." She explained.

Aladdin looked down in disappointment, he should have been there! "Is there anything else?" He asked, not wanting to hear it. "She barely made it out alive." Lilia stated. Aladdin had enough, he rushed to the hospital wing and busted the doors open and rushed in, to see an unconscious Jasmine.

He walked over to the bed slowly and kneeled down beside the bed and grabbed her hand. She looked so weak and a pale. Her hair was so dull and lifeless, in fact she looked lifeless. A tear rolled down his eye, until he heard soft cries.

He got up and walked over to a bassinet to see a baby; wrapped in a see through pink silk blanket. He instantly knew that was his new child, he instantly knew that he had a newborn daughter and that Argabah had a princess. Aladdin picked up the baby and rocked her back and fourth. "Shhh, little one, Daddy is here, Daddy is here. My, how you look so much like your mother. Your beautiful as her, my little princess." He said to his newborn daughter.

"Dadda?" A little voice said as a little boy dress in a mini version of Aladdin's outfit walked in holding Cassims hand. "Cassim, come here," Aladdin told his son in a gentle voice. Cassim walked over to his father and Aladdin kneeled down to his height, still holding the newborn princess. "Do you know who this is?" Aladdin asked his son, He shook his head. Aladdin chuckled a bit, "this is your baby sister," He told his son. Cassim touched his new sisters head and kissed her on the forehead. "I wuv you, sissy," Cassim said, he just started to learn how to talk. "What is her name?" Aladdin's father asked, Aladdin shrugged as he heard the blankets ruffle. He turned around to see Jasmine waking up. He passed the princess to his father and ran to Jasmine's side, taking her hand. Cassim followed his father. "Her name is Kailea," she said weakly. She started to to cough violently.

Cassim, a little scared; backed up a little. He accidentally knocked over a metal vase, full of flowers. Jasmine and Aladdin both looked at him. Aladdin went over to pick him up and went to place him on the bed where Jasmine was lying in. "Momma okay?" He asked, Jasmine smiled weakly. "Momma is fine, Momma is just a bit tired," Jasmine said to her little boy, She ran her hands through his hair. Cassim then laid down on his mothers stomach and fell asleep. Jasmine also laid back down in bed and fell asleep. Aladdin took Kailea from his father and laid her back in her bassinet and covered her up with the silk blanket while his father found another see through silk blanket and covered little Cassim up. Aladdin walked over to this father and his father put his arm around Aladdin, "I'm proud of you, son," He said.

---------2 Years Later----------
Aladdin paced back and forth outside the hospital wing. He just got back from a diplomatic mission and he found out that Jasmine was in labor with their third child and he wasn't aloud to go in.

"Geez, wishing you were back in Glani now, huh Al?" Genie asked him, it was thundering and pouring with rain. But Aladdin didn't care. "Son, don't worry about it, she's going to be fine," His father reassured him, "I shouldn't have left, I shouldn't have left to go Glani." He mumbled to himself. He then heard soft cries, he turned around to see, Kailea, up against a wall, hugging her knees and her face buried in her knees. Aladdin walked over to his daughter and tapped her shoulder. She looked up, scared. "Kailea, my princess, what's wrong?" He asked her in a sweet voice. "S-scared," she said, "of what? Are you scared of the storm or for Mommy?" He asked her, "Both," She said. Aladdin hugged his daughter and kept hugging him until he heard a crash in the hospital wing.

He stopped hugging Kailea and stood up. Kailea hid behind her father. Aladdin went over to Cassim who was by this grandfather. He knelt down to he's level. "Dad?" The 3 year old asked "look after your baby sister," He told him. Cassim nodded. Aladdin stood up, "Dad, please take them to the safe house along and keep them there until Genie comes," He told his father, His father nodded and took Cassim's hand who took Kailea who had tears in her eyes. "Don't worry Kailea, Daddy is going to fix everything." He said to his daughter. She nodded and went with her brother and grandfather.

Aladdin entered the room to a mess and the nurses and Jasmine laying on the floor, not moving. "JASMINE!" He cried out and rushed to his wife side. He picked her up and laid her in his lap. The nurses were all waking up but Jasmine wasn't. "What happen?" He asked, with a lump in his throat.

"Oh Sultan, it was terrible! The Sultana just gave birth but then a man dressed in blue and black came in and said that he wants the child. The Sultana put up a fight to have the child but the man made a colourful lighting bolt go through her chest and that's all I remember," one of the nurses explained to him. "So, Mozanrath is behind all of this." Aladdin said angrily while holding Jasmine tighter than ever before. "Would you like to know the sex and the name of your newborn child?" The nurse asked, Aladdin nodded. "It is a girl and her name is Aaliyah," The nurse said. Aladdin picked Jasmine up and laid her in the bed and put the covers over the top of her and whistled for carpet who came flying in along with Genie. "Al? What's going on? Where are you going?" Genie asked, "I'm going to Mozanrath to get back Aaliyah and to save my wife."