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Penname: Princess Jasmine_1o1 [Contact] Real name: Casa Dowling
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When I was 5, my mum brought home a gift because I was sick. It was in a target bag, I put down my barbie and my little ponies and looked at her. My nan looked at me with excited eyes, My mother handed me the bag and I reached in a felt a DVD, I looked at it and saw it was Disney\'s Aladdin. On the cover I saw a man, a lady who I wanted to be, a bird, a monkey, another man wearing a dress, a tiger, a carpet, a kettle and a blue man. Mum took the DVD and put it in the DVD player and I started to watch it with my nan and mum.

After the movie, I grabbed the movie case and said This is going to be my favourite movie!

10 years later, Aladdin is still my favourite movie and Jasmine is and will always be my favourite Disney Movie.
Hi! I\'m Cass, but on here I\'m Princess_Jasmine 1o1. I\'m a fanfiction writer and I really hope you enjoy my Jaladdin Fanfics. I\'m also on Wattpad as @Rydel_Cheerleader.

Hope you enjoy and don\'t forget to review or follow, if you can do that on here, I don\'t know. I\'m new!!
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Summary: 7 years after the events of the king of thieves. Aladdin and Jasmine ad now proud rulers of Agrahbah and have three lovely Childers. Cassim, Kailea & Jewel.

But one night, the beautiful saultana got a blast from lightning and fell. She wasn't waking up.

What has happened to Jasmine? Where did this mysterious lighting come from? Who is controlling the lightning? Find out in Lighting Strikes
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Published: 07/13/15 Updated: 07/17/15